Birthday wishlist

Hello loves~
My birthday is in a month and I already have a wishlist on Ebay with stuff I'd like to purchase / people to gift me. So I though I'd share it with you guys, maybe you like some items as well.
Love this, so adorable! cute heart

So cute! link~

I've been wanting this BEAUTIFUL sweater for a couple of months now haha! Maybe I'll get lucky on my BDay. Click 
All 3 are just gorgeous! click~

A girl's gotta love hearts! Lovely

Love this! Bracelet 
This clutch is soooo awesome! Ain't it?

This blew my mind away when I saw it!!! I will definitely purchase it next week so no need for someone to gift it to me, I will be doing the gifting :D the most awesome necklace I have ever seen

I want to be a f*cking princess on my BDay! Tiara comb

So that's about it... from Ebay at least. What do you think about my wishlist?


  1. Loving all of your picks, especially those collars necklaces!
    Newest follower :)


  2. hey, thanks for ur comment, lovely pics! yes we can follow each other, im following u now, please follow me back :)

  3. Replies
    1. thank you very much, I love the template as well^^

  4. amazing purposes! really love them
    id like we could follow each other to stay in touch and i hope woull like my blog as i liked yours one!

    wish you the best, keep like this!

  5. I agree those bib collar necklaces are simply amazing! I just bought one recently! <3

  6. Happy birthday in advance! I would love it if you dropped by to my blog and if you like we could follow each other! Also, I'm hosting a giveaway! Please participate :)

    1. Thank you for following and participating! Please keep in touch :)

  7. Cute things, Come visit my blog.

    xo Emma

  8. Great selection!


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