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Ebay accessories (rings and bracelets)
and the star of the show: Romwe leggings (link)

So I love Romwe, they have some amazing clothes! I've recently made a couple of purchases from them and can't wait to receive my pachages. I am planing on doing a video with their clothes *can't wait!!*
So today I made these pictures at my friend Andreea's house, for Romwe's leggings contest. 
Here is my entry, I would appreciate it if you could vote for me : My Look
I really love the print on these, you can wear it with a bunch of colors and in just about any season (well, I will be waiting for Spring to come to wear these cause the temperatures here are frickin' low!). 

*click on pictures to view full size*



Have you guys seen all the leggings Romwe has to offer? Which ones are your favorites?


  1. par foarte nice:D

  2. Wow i like you leggings here!.. I wish to have one from ROMWE. I just saw your blog on romwe facebook page so i visit to your blog.

    1. ohh, thank you very much, I really appreciate you visiting^^

  3. Super kewl! Super awesome! Loved the way you've styled those leggings! You've kept it really simple and elegant! :)
    I too got the same leggings from Romwe! Do visit my blog and see how I styled it and let me know you're comments too! :)

    1. thank you very much! I surely will visit your blog ^^

  4. Hello u look good !!
    Real women :)))
    Im a fashion blogger from Slovakia and i love ur blog !!
    Check my blog to or follow me ?
    PS: I followed you ❤ ❤
    Have nice day,dear !!!

  5. Love the stained glass leggings- very unique! Where did you find them??


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