Romwe order review

 Hey guys! Don't know if you remember but a couple of posts back I said I was waiting for a package from Romwe to arrive and today it finally did. This was my first purchase so I had a 20% discount (everyone gets this on their first order) and, of course, free international shipping.

The thing that bothered me the most was the time it took for this to get delivered. My package was shipped on the 9 May from Nanjing, China,  and on the 13th of May it arrived in London. And from there it took 26 DAYS to arrive to Romania. Wow, how is that possible? London is not even that far away. I have some Ebay products that come all the way from South Korea to Romania and only take 9 - 10 days to be delivered.

But moving on with the review, here come the good parts:
1. I LOVE how every little item was packaged individually in nice clean transparent bag, with the Romwe label on them. Very organized and neat.

Here you can see all the products neatly placed in their bags.

This is a shirt

This is a galactic print mullet skirt (most beautiful skirt I have ever seen <3)

A cardigan

The necklace

2. The quality of these products are absolutely amazing! I will review each one now. 

You can click on the picture to see it bigger. Buy it here!

I have fallen in love with this skirt from the minute I saw it! I love the print and the mullet hem is one of my favorite trends this year. This is the skirt of my dreams.
The fabric is Polyester which makes it great for summer because it's light and keeps you cool. This is the piece I can't wait to wear!!

I would leave a link to it but the product is out of stock. 
This top exposes my mid-rift and i've been wanting more of these to wear with my high-waisted denim shorts. So cute!
The material is very stretchy and light and I love the words on it: RUNNING WILD. 

Buy it Here!

This cardigan is so amazing! It's soft, and light and keps you so warm! I love the pockets, they always come of use to me and the grey color is very versatile and goes with just about everything. The length is a plus to me, I love shirts that cover my butt. I'm actually starting to want the weather to cool down so I can wear it haha.

This is adorable!! The owl is so big and I love it's eyes! I love that the chain is pretty long, so it fits me well. You can't really see the color from my pictures, it's a vintage bronze.

This pretty much concludes my review. Apart from the shipping time, I had a wonderful experience with Romwe, will surely buy from them again, the wait if worth it^^

I'm gonna post a new outfit pretty soon, I believe tonight, so stay tuned to that~


  1. Hi! i was just wondering if romwe shipped your package to your address or if u had to pick it up from your mailbox or local postal service centre. Bc im still awaiting the package i ordered from them and i would just like to know how they ship their products! thank you! and thanks for the review!


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