La Petite Mademoiselle review

A couple of weeks ago I entered a giveaway sponsored by La Petite Mademoiselle and the best thing about it? You had to enter with a friend and if you won, both you and your friend would receive a $50 coupon to spend on their vintage shop.

Through luck I won the giveaway and me and Andreea (see her in this post in case you haven't) picked 2 wonderful dresses and a gorgeous silver necklace. The packages arrived on Children's Day so they were the perfect present haha!


Star necklace, both rings - Ebay
Tights - random brand
Shoes - Leonardo (Romanian brand)

Review: I love how classy and sexy this is! Those buttons on the chest area are so cute and I love the pleats!  I really love how my boobs look in it hehe. I'm pretty shy about revealing my bossoms but this gives the right amount of chest. 
My only complaint about this dress is it's length. Being pretty tall (5'9" or 175 cm) this is short on me. As long as I wear opaque tights underneath I should be fine but still, i can't wear them all the time. 
Oh well, moving on... 

What Andreea wore:
Both rings - Ebay
Cardigan - Zara
Pumps - Zara (I think)

Review: This dress is soooo cute! The buttons are lovely and I love the pockets. It has 4 pockets and I find them really practical. It also came with a black matching belt which you can tie a ribbon both in the front and in the back. Andreea tied it in the back since the front already had the locket and all the buttons. It gave the dress a nice balance. I love that the spaghetti straps are adjustable, you can make the dress longer this way haha. This dress is longer than mine (I actually tried it on myself and plan on wearing it one day; yes, we share our clothes^^).
No complaints here, this dress is really cute and comfy to wear.

The locket: although Andreea got it, we are both going to wear it. Andreea actually wasn't very pleased with the locket when she saw it on the website but fell in love with it when she saw it IRL. It opens up and you can put tiny things in it, we love jewelry like that! The chain is gorgeous and long, I have a lot of necklaces that have the chain short but this one is just perfect!

All in all, we love our products and are sad we couldn't buy more!!
If we stirred your curiosity, do check the store out: La Petite Mademoiselle

And in the end the only picture of us standing next to each other <3

Have a wonderful day guys and tell me in the comments your thoughts about our lovely clothes~


  1. I'm so glad you girls love your prizes!

    My friend is holding another voucher giveaway for my boutique so definitely check that out here:


  2. Cute! I especially love the accessories. ;)

    You Like It? I Made It!

  3. Cute dresses, good pick!you ladies look great.xoxo, btw thanks for your comment on Chictopia.


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