Chichwish reward

What I wore:
Chicwish top in Ivory (Buy here)
Thrifted sandals and skirt
Meli Melo head accessory
Ebay bracelet and ring (which you can't see from the pics hehe)

So as you guys know I'm a member of Chictopia and every month you can pick a reward to redeem if you have the points. Last month I chose this adorable top which seems pretty basic and simple at first glance but it has the sleeves and the hem scalloped, which IMO is adorable. It also has an orange colored zipper in the back which I love. 

So I wore this last week on one of my exams at school and I kinda wanted to dress it up with a half pearl necklace and forget about the head piece but though this would be simpler and cuter. I can't remember the last time I wore something that didn't require accessories to make it fabulous (especially something this simple) so this is another reason why I love this top; it stands on it's own and doesn't require a lot of accessories to make it look gorgeous. 
This is the hair piece I wore, it's just a little hat with a bow and some flowers printed on it
The zipper on the back which I totally love!

Haha, my friend Jojo probably wanted an insight under my skirt when she took this pic.

Thank you everyone who follows me and comments, I really appreciate it! <3


  1. Hi I discovered your blog from Chictopia! I really love the simplicity of that top and it looks perfect with the skirt and sandals!! :)



  3. Haha! I also discovered your blog through Chictopia. Great look! :)

  4. Hey I really like the combination of the shirt and the skirt, the colors look flawless together. great job :)

  5. I also found you through Chictopia!
    You look lovely! xx

  6. I think your cream top is really chic!

  7. Very fashionable outfit .. I love how you accented your look with Your hat bow. Fab!


    P.s thank you so much for stopping by my blog. You have a new follower I love your fashion and ur insight. I hope you'll follow back :-)


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