Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice: BUTTERCUP rendition

 Wow, I was really surprised this morning when I checked this blog's first post and saw comments! I haven't even advertised this blog yet and still some wonderful people commented and welcomed me to Blogger!

Now I'm so pumped because of this and decided to write another post.

 I wore this outfit last week at school and the idea came to me this morning, when the Powerpuff Girls suddenly started on my little brother's TV.
I though I'd challenge myself a little and try to make my own version of the girls, starting with Buttercup. Even though she is the Spice of the Powerpuff Girls, she is still pictured sometimes as feminine.
The inspiration actually came from a picture of her that I found some time ago on deviantART where she is dressed in a feminine cute dress and has an adorable smile plastered on her face.
Can't wait to do Blossom (my personal favorite) and Bubbles. 
 I wore a cat print mint green Ebay blouse, paired with a pair of black Zara leggings and my beige oxfords. For the accessories, I chose Mochi Beaucoup's cute puppies belt, a vintage white rose brooch and a deer bracelet n(which I also got from Ebay).
Here are some more pics of my outfit:

 I always have to thank my dear friend Andreea for taking my pictures. Although she does whine, she always  helps me ^^

Well, this concludes my 2nd post, hope you all like it so far and want to see more of me.

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  1. You look awsome! The kitty-dressand the flats are so cute!



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