~ Introducing ME~

Hey everyone!

I have created this blog for a couple of months now and finally decided it's time to have the courage and start posting. So I figured what better way to start posting in a blog than to introduce myself to everyone who will (hopefully) become a fan and read my entries.

My name is Roxana Ifrim but people call me Roxx. I'm 22 years old and I'm studying to become a pharmacist assistant. I live in Iasi, a city in Romania. 

My style is like a chameleon, it always changes depending on what I'm inspired at a certain point. So you'll see me wearing cute and girly outfits with pretty and preppy dresses and skirts, more edgy styles with moto jackets, rivets and spikes and everything in between.

This blog will mainly focus on fashion and my "Oufits of the day" and a little about my personal life as well. I may decide to rave and rant about cosmetic products as well or hairstyles and make-up tutorials. But not at the moment. I want to focus on fashion for the moment. 

I started out reading blogs thanks to Dulce Candy (click here to go to her blog) which I now think of as a model to follow up to. In February 2012 I found out about a site where if you post outfit pictures you get points and with those points you can get prizes. I'm talking about Chictopia (click to go to my profile). This fashion community opened some doors for me and gave me the courage to post about my outfits and lifestyle.

I hope that this blog will become an inspiration for young girls who are in search of their own personal style and who want to make virtual friends. 

That's about all for now, have a great day guys!


  1. Wish you luck :)

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  2. Welcome girl!
    Looking forward to your posts.. :)


    1. Thank you so much, really didn't expect any comments since I haven't advertised this blog at all. ^^

  3. good luck! nice to read such a kind of post.
    love it.

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