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WARNING: long post about me babbling about clothes. Purchased and soon to be purchased.

I saw yesterday the most beautiful dress. Ever! I fell in love with it the minute I saw it. I was browsing around on ebay and found it but then I found out that an online store,  Love <-- yeah, that's actually the store's name click it to see; has a version of it too.

This is the dress. A gorgeous blood red mullet dress. So obviously red is my favorite color and this wine version is just perfection. It can be worn in so many ways and to so many events. It can even be a prom dress! Or dressed-down in a casual summer-outing with some nude flats/sandals.

I personally love the way the girl styled it, giving it a rock vibe to it, I know for sure that's how I wanna style it and have already picked the perfect black rivet belt and matching black rivet bracelet.

I was happy when I saw the measurements on this dress. Usually dresses tend to be a little small on me because I'm tall (5'9") and I was afraid this would be way too short in the front, exposing my bajingo but was pleasantly surprised to find out that's it long enough to be considered decent.                                         

This is another one of my cravings, I love the print on the back, I've been so into geometric and Aztec and tribal prints lately. And I adore the color. This orange fits so well with the print and tangerine orange is the summer's hit color. This top is definitely on my wishlist.                                    

I have been eyeing this Romwe top for some time now. Isn't it amazing? I have always loved Guns'n Roses's logo and I love how this shirt combines it with a great color. 

Another gorgeous Romwe top. I love the design of this top and how it flounces at the hips, would work perfectly with my hour-glass shaped body. The rivets on the shoulders give it a really edgy feel and this can either dress it down or dress it up.

Moving on to more cute clothing, isn't this shirt just adorable? I love the dusty pink color and that fuzzy black rabbit on the middle of it. Bonus: it has white lace on the shoulders. Definitely a must buy for me for the fall/winter.

This Romwe cardigan is so cute. I love the fact that it's a neutral color ergo it goes with anything and everything and it's soooo long. It measures 110 cm. I am weirdly attracted to clothes that kinda drip, probably that's why i love mullet skirts/dresses/shirts you get my drill. 

These will be mine for Halloween!!! Last Halloween I wanted to go as Catwoman (my favorite cartoon character of all time) but went just as a regular cat. This year I'll definitely have a Catwoman costume and these finger rings/nails will complete the costume nicely. Plus, they can double as a weapon in case creeps won't leave me alone. Perfect combo!

I don't have many (hand)bags, just a couple that are black so I really need to purchase me a new one. This light, summer bag would work perfect with my brown gladiator sandals and I love the fact that it's fringed. I don't usually carry around much in my bags so the small size won't be a problem.

Those are my current top cravings. Moving on to recently purchased clothing/accessories.
This bracelet is pure love. I brought it in silver but will soon buy it in gold as well. I love that it's so subtle and delicate and the peace sign is encrusted with rhinestones and it's just so pretty and simple. 

I LOVE this shirt! See my wearing it here!

I think this is currently my most favorite piece of clothing from my wardrobe. I have been wanting a neon shirt for some time now but didn't find one until this one. A couple of days ago I decided to check out House of Art (a Romanian brand clothing line) since they were having a sale and I do like some of their clothing. Got pretty bored in their store though. They mostly have business clothes and shoes but occasionally you find gems like the t-shirt above. Neon has been a hot trend for spring and will still be for summer but the problem with trends is that sooner or later everyone will be wearing it. Take the mint green trend. Loved it so much and still love the color but it's everywhere! To the point where I'm getting sick of seeing my classmates dressed in mint shirts, pants, dresses.  

I hope the same thing won't happen to neon because i'm ecstatic about this shirt. It combines pink, yellow, orange and green (my absolute favorite neon color) with hints of black and white in a print similar to the leopard one (IMO, especially the at bottom on the orange part) but more chaotic and less symmetric. Due to the lighting and my camera you can't really see the colors in their true form. The green and orange are more bold and so is the pink.  
And the design of it is really cute as well. You can't see it well but the bottom part is a little flouncy when you try it on and that makes it really cute . Totally worth it's price, especially since I got it 50% off! Paid a mere 3 bucks for it <3

Wanna guess which color I picked? If you guessed green, you are correct! Like I said earlier, neon green is my absolute favorite neonized (is that even a word?!) color. It's gonna spike up some all black outfits, not to mention it'll go perfectly with the HoA t-shirt I talked about earlier. 

 Wow! Such a long post. Didn't think I could really write so much about clothes! Seems like I'm a better writer than I think haha.

Have a great day everyone and to those who read this post - Thank you, I know it wasn't easy haha!

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