Five Fall Essentials

Fall is in full swing and I have decided it was time to do an article with my top 5 fall essentials. Little things that make this season (for me) even more enjoyable. I won't be giving any brands because I don't feel like it is necessary, however, I will tell you about Raise, an online marketplace where you can buy discounted (up to 40%!) gift cards, as well as the possibility to sell your unwanted gift cards for cash.
They have many categories, for women, men, babies, pets, even entertainment.

Here are my Five Fall Essentials, and I invite you to tell m yours.

As the temperatures become lower and lower, a chic shawl / scarf is a must for keeping warm, especially if you are prone to sore throats like I am.

I don't think there is a person on this planet who doesn't love to wear knits in the fall and winter. They are just so warm and soft to the touch!

Fall/Winter equals darker lipstick shades. I've waited a long time to be able to wear my berry lipstick, and I love how it looks on me, but that dosn't mean my search for lipstick shades is over. I plan on buying some bordeaux and plum colors as well.

It is important to find that perfect pair of boots, that fits our preference, personality, price range, but can also showcase our style and be comfortable. And I have found mine. I brought these boots last week and I'm loving them more and more!

Definitely the ultimate fall staple, the jacket. I got this particlar one last year and I still love it like it is new. I am planning on buying some new ones soon, but this will (probably) still be my favorite.

Be sure to let me know what your fall essentials are in the comment section below. Hugs~
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  1. I totally agree with your top 5. Those are all some great fall essentials. I'm mostly excited about wearing boots and dark lipsticks.

  2. Love your list and especially those boots! Totally agree with the cozy knits, autumn and winter must items!


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