New items - March & current wishlist

Jumper from Romwe 

Hey guys! It's been a while since I wrote one of these. Since March is over, I'll post what I bought all month.
That floral jumper up there is amazing, I love it so much. The quality is really good and the material is very light and see through so in my opinion this is great for spring and summer. I'm planning on wearing it with a cute floral crown / headband but I have to make that first. I have the flowers needed but I don't think I can be so crafty. 
 By the way, as a disclaimer, all the tings you see from Romwe aren't sponsored but neither are they purchased with my money. In the last 2 months they have had promotions on their FB where you had to share one of their picture and get a certain amount of likes and comments. If you did get that amount, you got freebies.

This is yet again from Romwe. I love this denim shirt so much, it's one of my favorite spring trends!  
I won these velvet leggings in one of Romwe's many Facebook contests and I'm really glad because these easily pass as pants. The material is really thick and soft and the fit is lovely. These run small so I had to get the Large size but I definitely recommend getting them.I already featured them in a blog post, Come to kitty!
Isn't this cute? I also won this on a contest on FB. It's from TideShe.
Ah, I love this bag so much! I think it's adorable TO THE MAX! I got it from Ebay at a really good price! 

New Lennon sunglasses! I said in an earlier post that I have in black and now I want in brown as well. I finally purchased them.
Gold ring from Ebay. It looks so awesome! 
This bracelet is extremely cute! I purchased it mainly for my mother but I think I'll be wearing it too!

I love this ring so much! The message is clearly a tongue in cheek and I am going to show this ring to my best friends hundreds of times!

So I was searching for pretty flower necklaces and then I saw this picture of the girl wearing her necklace as a crown and it hit me! You can do that! And since I'm obsessed with floral crowns, I instantly pushed the purchase button. This will look fabulous with my white floral jumper posted above^^

Now for my wishlist: 

Another thing from Romwe, this gorgeous studded clutch. I love the skull texture on the fake leather and the fact that it has a removable strap.

Isn't this backpack just amazing? I instantly fell in love with it and know I have to buy it. I had the toughest time picking out a color, they come in blue, pink, white, black and brown and the pink and blue ones are sooooo adorable. But I went with a more conventional way with the black because black goes with everything and it also doesn't show dirt so well like the lighter colors. 

This shirt has been siting in my wishlist for the longest time! Maybe I'll get it this month, love the cut-out skull. 

Creepers! White creepers! I'm still searching for these, definitely need and want them.

Black wide brim hat, perfect for summer, especially with a flowy dress or light chiffon cardigan.

I think this bag is soo perfect! Hoping to get it soon~ 

As you can see, i'm clearly in a bag loving stage in my life haha!

These are also adorable but i'm still trying to figure out if I have what to pair them with.

This is all I have to show you guys for now, hopefully I'll be able to take some outfit pictures tomorrow so stay tuned for the update!


  1. I love the shirt!

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  2. ooooh! i thought about getting the white heart bag too! sooo cuteee!!! <3
    love it!

    1. Great minds think alike :D
      Thank you for your comment dear!


  3. super neaon shorts and bra!!!!!!!
    Dear, I invite u to join my Love giveaway and win a dress u like!
    U pay neither for a dress no for shipping!
    Hope to see u here


  5. love floral print and the necklace is so cute!
    Maybe wanna follow each other? Let me know

  6. Wow - you had a good month!!! I love the shirt with kisses and green satchel ;-)

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

  7. Great stuff, I especially like the first jumper!You have such a great blog, what about following each other?

  8. love the neon shorts and the bags!

  9. Beautiful things, I love them all!

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