Happy Birthday to me!!

 Hey guys! Today is my birthday, I turned 23 y.o. Pretty old huh? Doesn't matter, I feel like a million bucks!
And look, even Google is wishing me a happy birthday (in Romanian) and is giving me sweet sweet candy and cakes, yum!

Sadly, I have no outfit pictures of myself, the weather has been fricken cold here and it's pretty difficult for me and the one who's taking my pictures to just stand and pose with wind blowing up in our faces and freezing us up.
Instead, I have a bunch of random pictures of random things I'm craving at the moment and also, I'm gonna show you what I recently purchased / received. So this is going to be a pretty erratic post but bear with me (FYI, I'm a little drunk at the moment).

I absolutely adore these. From H&M. 
As you can see, these go perfect together and I'm going to wear them on Friday, when I'll be celebrating my B-day. Both are from H&M 
This is adorable! It's a perfect shade of mint and I love the gold hardware. Also from H&M.  
I think this is amazing! Love all the colors and the toggle clasp. The charms that are attached to the clasp are really amazing and a nice addition. This one's from New Yorker.

I tried a close-up on the charms but kinda failed. I have no idea what's written on that little pendant. 
I posted about this jumper on this post but I wanted to talk about it again because it arrived today. I'm so happy it arrived on my B-day. The material is really soft and thick and the star pattern is just awesome. From  Romwe

That's that, now moving on to things that I desire. All are accessories, starting off with sunglasses.
I must get these ASAP. I have a pair of these in black and silver lining but these will be perfect to wear with my gold jewelry. 

I really like leopard print, especially when it's just a little bit of it in an outfit. I think too much (like an entire shirt or pants) can really be kitschy and ruin an outfit (at least for my taste), so these will provide a subtle leopard accent.

I don'r think I need to explain why I want these, they're pure awesome! 

I really like the cat eyes and the subtle ombre in the lens. 
Now on to rings. I really like this double finger ring because of the combination of gold and rhinestones. Also, the triangles are really cute!

This is also a double finger ring and it's amazing, isn't it? Love the message.

This isn't technically a ring but a slave bracelet. It's called this way because the bracelet is connected to the ring. I'd love to own this cross one.
Now for a couple of bracelets. Love the chains and leather in this one!

These 2 are practically the same thing, but I really like them both. The white one would go perfect with my New Yorker bracelet I posted earlier.
It seems I'm getting into neon. A little late and out of trend but I don't really care. And neon yellow is becoming my favorite. 
This necklace is so adorable! It's actually long (I know you can't see the chain)

What do you guys think about these earrings? Would you wear them? I'm not sure I'll buy them but I'm definitely intrigued by them, and that's a good thing.

So like I said with neon yellow. This is a definite purchase, it'll look really good with my black, white and grey clothes. 

What do you guys think about tattoos? I love them and I'd like to get one but my skin is reaaaaly sensitive to pain and I don't know if I could take it. To substitute, there are temporary tattoos, like the one above. If you haven't realized yet, I'm insanely obsessed with stars and will definitely purchase this one. You can cut out the stars and apply them in whatever pattern you want. Can't wait!

This is a wall mural. I am obsessed with birds as well and thus, I adore this. It comes in different colors, including black and that's the one I plan on getting.  
This brush is a make-up necessity. Enough said.

Ok loves, this concludes my birthday post. Tell me, do you like my picks, do you have any favorites?
If you want the links to them, just tell me, they're all from Ebay and thus, all are very inexpensive.


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