Birthday presents and b-day partying~

Hey guys! As you know, it was my birthday last week and here I'm going to show you what I received and also tell you about how I celebrated. 
First, the presents. 
God, love these earrings so much! Been wearing them since I got them.

This scarf is amazing! I already had a leopard print scarf, but this is CHEETAH print and I think it's much more fashionable and wearable than leopard so mega like!
This bracelet and the previous one, with red and white are handmade by a good friend of mine. Aren't they lovely? 

This bracelet is one of my favorites and no one can question why. The flowers are simply gorgeous and so is the color.

I've been wanting a watch and this is great for any outfit, especially since it's white and it goes with everything. 
In my previous post I wrote about wanting a bracelet just like this. Seems like I got to scratch off my wishlist cause I got it as a present! 

Cute star earrings! 

I also received that flower hair tie but forgot to photograph it alone. Oops! 
All the accessories received. Aren't they all lovely?

This make-up mirror is so cute! Ever since I got it it's been sitting on my desk and I always end up checking myself out. Oh, the vanity!

The guys brought me flowers <3

That it for the gifts. Now for the celebrating. I rounded up a couple of people on Friday night and we went first to drink some beer at a place called Curtea Berarilor (I have no idea how that would be called in English, something along the lines of Brewers Court) and then we went dancing in a pub called Underground. Here are the best pictures from Friday. 

These were taken at the Brewers Court
At the pub. I love the dress I wore, the lace back is so amazing IMO :) 

Sadly, a  couple of people are missing from the group shot/s :(

Before I end this post, let me show you a parka I scored at New Yorker a couple of weeks ago. I got it at such an amazing price! They really do have the best sales. It's a spring jacket so I haven't worn it yet cause it's still pretty cold here. But the dark blue denim like material is really lovely and I love the big square pockets.

It's pretty long and a bit cinched at the waist. I'm so excited to wear this, c'mon spring!

That's it, hope you guys liked my post^^


  1. hey dear! even if i'm late...happy birthday!!! new follower, thank u for stopping by me, i'll be happy if u follow me back :-) keep in touch!
    kiss from italy <3

  2. Happy birthday! It looks like you had fun :) Thank you for your comment on my blog. I'm now following you through Google Friend Connect.

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  3. That looks like a really fun birthday celebration! You were definitely spoiled with some amazing things as well! Lucky you :) Your blog is wonderful. Following you, hope you will follow back!

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  5. Happy B'day!!!! looks you had sooo much fun with your friend
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  6. Your blog is amazing! Love it so much))
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  7. Thanks for your comment sweety!!
    Really nice presents!! Happy Birthday :)
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  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! you look stunning! <3 great post and thanks for that sweet comment on my blog!
    please check out my last post and tell me you thoughts on it
    lotte xoxo

  9. Hey Happy Birthday and all the Best for you!!!
    You have great Ideas and a interesting blog, i really like it!
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    I would be happy :-) Kisses from Switzerland


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