Last day of fall...

Lefties skirt
Romwe cardigan
Random brand jacket and tights
Topshop cat print top
Leonardo boots
Jewelry - Ebay and gifted

    Today I had a wonderful time. I was pleasantly surprised this morning, when I woke up, to see the sun shinning so bright and feel the weather being so warm. It felt like spring. So I told Andreea we have to enjoy this beautiful weather and so, we went for a relaxing walk. Neither of us had classes today because it's Saint Andrew's Day (it's a national holiday).
  It felt so weird walking around and hearing carols being played near malls and Christmas decorations being put on the streets because it doesn't feel like winter at all. The trees still have plenty of leaves and the grass is so green still. The weather has changed so much. A couple of years ago you'd be freezing in this time of the year, wearing big winter coats and knitted scarves and beanies but it is not the case now. I'm thinking we won't have a snowy Christmas here and that is really bag, I love it when it snows on Christmas and the kids are outside playing and making snow angels.
  But enough about the weather rant! Let's talk clothes~
I wore today my Romwe knitted cardigan and underneath I had this adorable cat top. I've had it for so many years and totally forgot about it. I adore this skirt and love the way it pairs with the gray cardigan. To top it off, I also wore my vegan leather jacket. My boots are actually a gift from my mother, she brought them for me and I didn't really want them at first because they're leather and I don't like wearing real leather... that's supposed to stay on the animals. But I figured since they're already purchased, I might as well get some use out of them. They're really comfy and I love how they look with my leg-warmers underneath, peeking just a bit out of the boots (i'm not sure you can see that in the pictures).

So that's my update, it was long overdue!
Do you like the outfit I wore on the last day of fall?

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  1. a fost super vremea de azi... nici mie nu imi venea sa cred, insa era comic ca toata ziua in mall au pus numai colinde :))


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