Polka-dots and (faux) leather shorts~

ROAdor reducerile! Voi nu? 70% din această ținută e compusă din piese găsite  la reduceri: de la H&M am găsit cămașa asta adorabilă, pantalonii scurți din imitație de piele și inelul la prețuri incredibile (30, 20 și respectiv 5 lei), dar cardiganul Massimo Dutti de pe Kurtmann a fost cea mai tare ofertă pe care am prins-o: doar 18 lei!  Și e dintr-un material lejer și subțire, perfect pentru zilele mai friguroase sau serile de vară.  
Vă las în continuare cu pozele și aștept părerile voastre mai jos. Pupici! 
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ENG:   I just love sales! It's a real bliss to go shopping and come back with goodies at such affordable prices!  70% of today's outfit (cardigan, blouse, shorts and ring) was purchased from sales and I couldn't have been more happier!
Be sure to let me know what you think of this outfit in the comment section below. Hugs~
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Cămașă / blouse - H&M | jerseu / cardigan - Massimo Dutti courtesy of Kurtmann | pantaloni scurți / shorts - H&M | lanț / necklace - Ebay | inel / ring - H&M | pantofi / heels - Deichmann | geantă plic / clutch - SH | ochelari de soare / sunglasses - Romwe


  1. Imi aduc aminte de cardigan, camasa e foarte faina! xo
    About women and not only Blog

  2. Ce draguta e ținuta!! :)
    Imi plac tare mult ochelarii si inelul :*

  3. lovely pics and outfit!
    I am already following you via gfc and bloglovin, I have stopped blogging for a while but you could follow me here on my fb page
    for inspiration pictures, songs, international giveaways and more <3

    Eva from Greece

  4. You look fabulous, but do not forget to add a link to Share-in-Style next time

  5. Such a mod look! The sunglasses top it off :).



  6. Hi Roxx, thank you for posting this article preview on www.fashionblogme.net
    you rock!! :)

  7. love your top! such an elegant look!

    anyway following you now, if you like my blog you can follow me back Xx

  8. OMG I fall inlove with your sunglasses. I need to get myself one!!

    Kiss me Sunday // Bloglovin

  9. gorgeous! imi plac mult combinatia alb negru precum si bulinele!



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