Prom season: be a queen in purple!

I don't know how it is in other countries, but in Romania, prom season is usually in June / July. It's not technically prom, like in the US, it's even bigger. We have an end of high-school banquet and all the girls obsess over it through all the 12th grade. 
I have scoured the internet and landed upon a website that has the most beautiful and feminine gowns and dresses. And since purple has been considered a color for royalty, what better color to wear on a night like this? Here are my TOP 5 picks:

Isn't this gown just simply stunning? The intricately beautiful designed top part features appliques, beading and hand;made flowers. The ombre on the bottom skirt part complements the top part wonderfully. 

Another beauty. I love how the tulle and pleating give it a princess-y vibe and the beading on the chest part is beautifully done. This is the type of dress that looks good in every body shape. 

This type of purple, named Afican Violet by Pantone, is one of this year's most sough after colors! This dress is sophisticated and perfect for such an occasion!

If you're not the flashy type and just looking for a simpler attire, I suggest this. It has some embellishments so it's not completely boring though. 

If you're not the type to wear long flowy gowns, I have the solution for you! This sexy chiffon cocktail dress might seem simple compared to the other dresses, but it features on the back a very stunning design, embellished in rhinestones. You definitely won't be eclipsed by the others. 

These were my picks but you can find a lot more, Persunmall to find out more beautiful purple evening dresses. 
I hope you got inspired by this post and got some ideas!


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