Feathers and flowers~

Topshop shirt
New Look denim skirt
Lulu's floral cardigan
Thrifted sandals
Necklace and earrings - handmade by a close friend

So, like I said, here is my second post for today. I adore this cardigan, I would wear it every day, it makes even the simplest outfit stunning and amazing! 
Today I went with my folks at my grandma cause it was her b-day. Happy bday grandma <3 !
And it was so windy! I arrived home with a headache but took some pretty awesome pics (at least imo).
The outfit pics were taken by my father (OMG, I was so embarrassed but since my brother didn't want to come with us, my daddy offered to take my shots) and I'm impressed that they're pretty good.

The beautiful jewelry set from my friend, made of dove feathers.

 Love this print! <3
I also received this beautiful collar necklace on Friday and decided to show it off haha~ 

Hope I'll pot again soon, looking forward too^^


  1. you look so pretty dear :) love you floral cardigan. your top and skirt combo looks like a dress :) love you beautiful necklace too <3

  2. uuiii <3<3 I looove you last necklace :X:X


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