OOTD: Back in Black + various new items

Romwe Linkin Park t-shirt and crystal bracelet
Ebay necklace, other bracelets and rings
Meli Melo belt
Zara TRF knee-high sock
Vintage shorts
Random bran flatforms

So... it's been a while since I posted something. Well today I have a very long post for you guys. First my outfit of the day

I LOVE how my hair has grown! I've never had such long hair, when I was little I always had to cut it because it was falling so bad :(

Now I have a little review for you guys on the various new items I have received the last 2 weeks.
The red earrings are from Romwe (link here)

The feather earrings and necklace are from a dear friend of mine who makes custom jewelry. 
The yellow feathers are actually from my 2 parrots, Rocco an Vicky, I the plain one from Vicky and the one with the black is from Rocco. I fell in love with the idea of having a part of them with me.
The set with the white feathers is absolutely gorgeous! They make me feel like a goddess when I wear them. It would work wonderfully with a long white dress, then I can really be Aphrodite haha!
Romwe ring an bracelet (link for bracelet)

The ring is amazing! I know you can't see it really well because of the quality of the pictures but it's really cute. It's gold with red, perfect color combo! And it's really big on my finger, I love statement rings.
The bracelet is awesome as well, although I didn't quite like it when I first saw it. But every time I wear it I get compliments on it and it's sweet. 

The next item i'll be reviewing is a gorgeous necklace from Ardent Reverie (click to see / buy)

I won this necklace a couple of weeks ago through a FB photo contest sponsored by them. I was really excited when I received the package. The necklace was safely wrapped in a cute jewelry box sealed with a cute bow and right next to it was a sweet HAND WRITTEN message. That was adorable on their part, I really loved that, it felt really personal and they even drew a little heart   !
Now for the actual item, the necklace. I'm so sorry my camera doesn't take great pictures indoor because these pictures really don't reflect how gorgeous and well made the necklace is. It's pretty long, about 45 cm ( I actually didn't expect it to be this long but it's refreshing that it is) and the details on the pendant are so exquisite, every flower is carved so well, really beautiful. And I love the little leaves attached to the necklace, that really makes it unique. That and the clasp of the necklace. I have long nails so it's difficult for me sometimes to handle necklaces with lobster clasps but with this toggle clasp I have no problems at all!
I'm really grateful for this gorgeous necklace, thank you again Ardent Reverie for giving me a chance to win such a beauty!
Romwe blouse / dress (click)

I have to say, I haven't owned anything like this ever! I'm not really the flashy glitter girl but this blouse is so pretty! It's obviously not for day time, more like for special occasions (this would rock at a Xmas or New Years Eve party!). 
I love that it's really stretchy and so I can make it into a blouse or a dress (it fits me better like a dress) and wear it with a belt around your waist (i have a gold belt that works fantastic with this).
OASAP feather blouse (sorry, no link, sold out)

I participated in a contest sponsored by OASAP a couple of weeks a go called "Beat the Monster" wear you had to click continuously and well... beat the monster where I won 20 bucks and this lovely baby was on sale! I have to say that I love that they sent it in a tote bag with their brand, it was really cute, I'm definitely going to carry it around in my purse in case I go shopping or even wear it.
I really love this blouse, the material is so silky and smooth and the print is gorgeous. I love that it has a cinched waist and cut out on the sleeves. Also, the cuts on the sleeves are decorated with crystals to make you feel like a princess.
I definitely can't wait to wear this!
Lulu's.com cardi (click to see / buy)

I received this beautiful thing this morning. I redeemed it from Chictopia a week ago and it took only 6 days to get from USA to Romania! fastest shipping I have ever experienced. And the parcel came to my apartment as well, so much better than having me go to the post. From now on I'll definitely redeem only from them! 
I'm really happy with this, the item was neatly packed and the quality of it is so good! I can't believe how smooth and gorgeous it is! In case the pictures aren't clear enough, it's longer at the back, much longer. The reason I love this so much is that it's so long, I love long tops~ and the flowers are so beautiful.
I already have planned like 3 outfits for this cardi haha, it's perfect to wear on a breezy summer night!

Wow, such a long post! I hope it won't bore you guys^^
So tell me, do you like my newest purchases?


  1. Such a lovely post! I am now following you. Would love for you to check out my blog and follow if your interested :)

  2. Long black socks and sandals are the perfect look for you--you should wear them all the time!


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